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What Denzel Washington could teach us about Career

So much of what I have learned in life has come through some of the toughest experiences I have had to traverse. I wanted to share this motivational speech I came across the other day because I thought it was totally moving and inspiring.

It moved me. I love how Denzel brings it home by saying that the only thing that separates us from our goals and dreams is discipline and consistency.

He says that when you go to bed at night, push your shoes far under your bed so that when you wake up in the morning you have to get on your knees to get ’em….and while you are down there say a little prayer and thank God for what you have.

I think that is amazing and hits the nail on the head. We reach so much more through humility and gratitude.

But he is right that we have to pursue our dreams and we have to set our goals then, consistently go after them with discipline.

What are your goals and dreams?

Consider that you have them for a reason. I heard once that desire reveals design and design reveals destiny. I think I heard Dani Johnson say that. I am not sure if she got that from someone else.

But in any case, I feel this is true. We are all designed and destined for a purpose. Many of us kill off a part of ourselves when we ditch our dreams and trade them in for status quo. We give up on our design and settle.

My brother used to tell me never to settle. I think he was right. These days, as I am older it’s a lot harder to stay focused on the goals and believe in myself.

But within this belief a design is revealed for a greater purpose. Even as I write this I wonder if this stuff is simply cultural or whether I really buy in.

I guess I just want to buy in and believe and can do so. It is my right and decision to believe in abundance and believe that I can accomplish the very things that bounce around in my psyche.

Watch Denzel’s take and given his success, I believe that I could learn a couple of things from him.

You are your own rainbow. wink.

Ugh my neighbor’s pool: being nice while they are building

annoying neighbors

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I’m over the pool guys!

I have to say that I am totally over my neighbor and their pool. The only reason is because they have been building it for four months. Whenever I want to simply take a nap or something all of a sudden they unpack all of their equipment. They start building and making huge amounts of noise. I never thought I’d be the old guy next door that gets pissed off because the neighbors are making too much noise.

But, here I am. It’s crazy it seems like when I want to walk my dog or just stand on my back patio there’s always somebody looking back at me. It really has taken away a lot of the privacy of my home.

How does that sound for an old man? LOLĀ  just ranting…I know.

I’m usually the most patient guy you’d ever meet but I am super tired of the pool thing next-door. The problem is they unpack things and then all of a sudden it gets windy in the trash blows into my yard. You think they would pick it up? No.

So this gets pretty annoying after a while. It’s been something like four months. I was talking to the owner of a pool company the other day expressing all of my disgust about the whole process.

You know what? He totally got it. He told me that a lot of these pool companies can actually move a lot faster but the problem is they spread themselves pretty thin. They don’t want to miss out on the deal. So they go really lean to maximize their profits while day spread themselves thin to make sure the little lose any potential revenue. I’m in business so I get it. But it seems to me they should be overcome up with a better way to let the customer know that they can’t start for a while.

That’s really the bigger issue. People want to see progress. They want to see them break ground. And once they have broken ground then they realize that most people are not going to back off from their contract.

At the last house that I’ll and I had a pool as well. But I bought the pool with the home. So I never had to go through the construction phase. I love my pool. After I got to know how it works it really wasn’t that much trouble keeping up with it either. I just needed a place to vent a little bit today. Why? Because I am tired. That I don’t want to fool with only annoyance of the stupid pool next-door.

Thank God I’m going to be out of town for the next week and so it will give them a chance to possibly catch up or even finalize all of the last stages of the pool.

You better believe that as soon as it’s finished I’m going to tell the neighbor that I have to get to jump in and enjoyed a little bit too. I paid a higher price than they did in my mind because I had to hear them do it all day long every day. Well not exactly everyday but you get the drift.

I’m really trying though! I promise. I am trying to get better at being patient.

On another note, I wonder how many people actually still have membership to the YMCA. When I was growing up I loved the Y. I can get all of the pool time that I ever wanted over there. I didn’t have to worry about construction or maintenance of anything. I just paid my fee and showed up. It was great. Brings back great memories because that was while my mom and dad were still alive and those are good moments.

I have to run for now but I’ll catch up with you guys soon.

Online Identity for Bloggin’

Creating an identity online: 007 meets double “o” digital

It is really important as a blogger that you create an identity for yourself.

The identity should be relatable and somewhat mysterious. The initial thought that comes to mind is the woman with a one track mind.

If you ever heard of her blog it is about a woman who loves sex and basically is trying to find Mr. right and blogs about her experiences with men along her journey.

The only chuckle I get out of that is of course that if she ever did really settle down well there goes her blog. It would sort of be like Taylor Swift actually getting into a long-term relationship. So much of what fuels her music is related to the heartbreaks she has experienced.

Whatever you choose is your online identity make sure that it is relatable. You want to blog about things that you know about and have experience. People will be able to smell you out really fast if you’re just making stuff up.

Plus it gets to be really tedious if you have to do too much research about a project that you’re not too interested in.

Once you decided what you’re going to blog about and who your identity is make sure that it is somewhat mysterious. Think double Lowe’s seven. Think of a cool name for your new blog.

For example blue-collar blogger would be cool. It’s really helpful also if it is an alliteration. It’s got to be sticky.

Think of things that rhyme with blog or blogger or writer or offer.

A friend of mine calls himself the profit pimp. He blogs about business related stuff. Boy has that blog take it off! It made him a millionaire actually. So, make sure when you deciding who you’re going to be online that you pick something that is sticky.

Once you have it, make sure that you type in a Google alert in order to find out if anybody else is using that name. Further you can request other alerts for news and information related to what you blog about.

Let me give you a for instance just in case you’re still a little in the dark on this. Let’s say you wanted to start a blog about knitting.

You could call it the knitting nympho. Then blog all day long about knitting. Talk about your uncanny obsession with knitting. Talk about the feel of the fabric in between your fingers. Make it seductive, or at least interesting to read. I know you might want to hate on me already because I use the word nympho but it is exactly this kind of thing that commands attention and makes your blog memorable.

So those are my top tips for starting a blog and creating an online identity. Remember your identity online doesn’t have to be your actual identity. There are tons of people that use pseudonyms and ghostwriters for what they do.

Just be safe out there you don’t want any cyber stalkers if you know what I mean wink.

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Just getting started…lovin’ it.